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Chapter XV

The Laura and Sonny Bashing Chapter



Jax's next stop is to see Nikolas. Perhaps Nikolas would have some different info. He strides up the dock but isn't even halfway there before he notices the difference in the seascape. "Damn."


Laura looks from her spread sheet. "Nikolas, Lucky. How are two of my favorite guys doing?" Laura gets up and gives both of them a hug. She draws back and looks at her eldest's face. "Uh-oh." She looks from one to the other. "What is going on?"

"Mom, you should probably sit back down." Lucky suggests.

Laura goes over to the white couch and sits. "I'm not going to like this." Lucky sits down next to her.

Nik stands a distance away. "Stavros is alive."

"Oh My Gosh."

"He's been alive for the last three months taking back the reins of the Cassadine Estate. He took all of Helena's money-- all of the Estate properties."

"Oh My Gosh, Oh my GOSH." Laura keeps muttering. She hadn't heard a thing after Stavros is alive.

"Mom." Lucky squeezes Laura's hand.

"I have to tell Luke."

"Sure, if you want the shit to hit the fan." Gia says from the doorway.

"Gia!" Nik protests.

"No, Look the guy has been minding his own business. He's been going after Cassadines. He took down Helena-- something neither Stefan nor Luke could do."

"Gia, You don't understand. He has to be dealt with before he gets too strong." Laura corrects. "Why am I explaining this to you?"

"Good question. I mean just 'cause he came after me last time... or 'cause Nik lied to me left and right... Never mind. I'm going to check my schedule with Elton."


"I'm cool, Nikolas. Just clue me in whatever you decide to do." Gia retreats back to the reception area closing the door after her.

"Gia does have a point, Mother." Nik suggests. "Stavros has his mind on... other things."

"If Dad did anything it would just bring us to his attention faster. We've got time now but if Dad flies off the handle..." Lucky warns.

"What about Stefan?" Laura looks up at Nikolas.

"He and Bobbie have already seen Stavros. We just got back."


"Oh yeah, forgot to mention that part. Carly's with him. Stavros must have gone straight from here to where ever Carly was."

"Dominican Republic." Lucky guesses. "Didn't she and Sonny get divorced?"

Nikolas almost blurts out what seems to be the Cassadine family motto but restrains himself barely. "Nobody's really seen Sonny around. And Taggart told Gia he thought maybe Sonny had killed Carly." Nik realizes he is rambling and shuts up.

"Bobbie? Why would Carly be with Stavros? How did she meet him?" Laura gets a foggy running behind feeling. Everything the boys are saying seems to be connecting with a ten second delay.

"Same way Gia did. He was trying to find an in at Deception to get to you."

"Lucien Caine." Laura nods.

"Evidently Stavros and Carly hit it off." Lucky quips.

"You think that is why he hasn't come around?" Laura inquires. Nik nods his reply.

"And he did kinda get his butt kicked the last time around." Lucky reminds.

"I need to talk to Bobbie." Laura gets up and grabs her coat.

Nik flushes. "She's over at Wyndemere."

"Oh." Laura stops in her tracks.

"Stavros um... moved her to Wyndemere... called it a belated wedding present."

"You didn't tell me that!" Lucky protests.

"You didn't ask!" Nik says defensively.

"How am I suppose to know to ask... Oh by the way, Nikolas, is my aunt shacking up with your uncle again?" Lucky retorts.

"How could Stavros move Bobbie to Wyndemere?"

Nik shrugs. "It's part of the Estate."

"OH my Gosh." Laura blanches. "So is General Hospital's funding! I have to talk to Bobbie. Lucky, don't say anything to your father. Not until I know what is going on." Laura rushes off.

"Well that went well." Lucky says wryly.

"Right." Nik draws the word out over about three breaths. "Lets go get Gia. I have to get the power back on at the cottage or my fiance will be moving back to the Port Charles Hotel."

"You know Elizabeth stayed with me over the motorcycle garage." Lucky reminesces. "There was no heat there."

"The place also burned down."

"Is he in?"

Johnny nods. "It's good to have you back."

"Any problems?"

"Nah, Mr Corinthos has been handling it." Johnny looks behind Jason. "Mrs Corinthos?" Jason shakes his head. "Damn." Johnny mutters. He opens the door. "Jason's here to see you." Johnny shuts the door behind Jason.

"Jase! Did you find her? Where is Carly?" Sonny looks behind Jason even though he'd seen Johnny shut the door.

"I found her. Like you thought. She's staying with Stavros Cassadine."

"She's sleeping with him!" Sonny starts to pace.

"Actually she's not." Jason interjects wryly. "But I wouldn't put it past her to be his right hand man in the next attempt to take over the world."

"It's too dangerous. You should have brought her back home." Sonny continues to pace.

"So you got everything straight here? Last of Sorel's goons gone? No Angel? No Alexis hanging around?"

Sonny stiffens halting in the track he'd been wearing in the carpet. he turns to face Jason. "What the hell do you mean by that?"

"Just what I said."

"Carly and my marriage are none of your business!"

"You made it my business. You made it my business the day I convinced Carly to marry you."

"It was Carly's choice." Sonny counters. "She didn't have to. She could have left with you."

"Yeah, was it her choice when you sold Deception out from her? Was it her choice to have you blow up the penthouse? Thank Goodness Michael wasn't here."

"She betrayed me!"

"And you betrayed her!"

"I never!"

"Do you not even see it? Carly told you that Hannah was after you... You blew her off. Turns out Hannah was after you. Carly told you Angel was after you. You blew her off. Turns out Angel was after you. Carly tells you that Alexis is messing in your marriage. Well guess what... I believe her. Why in the hell should Carly come back here? What is here for her? More of the same?"

"You think that my wife is better off with Stavros Cassadine?!"

"I told Carly if she wanted to come back here I'd help her. I told her if she wanted to stay there... fine. I'm through making it easy for you to hurt her. You want your wife back? Then get her back. I'm not going to tell Carly to come back to you. As it stands now.... she does plan on returning to Port Charles.... just not right now.
The ball is in your court, Sonny. Either treat Carly right or cut her loose." Jason tosses a phone number down on the desk. "This is Carly's number. Don't think it'll be easy. Carly might still love you but she's staying with a guy who thinks she's smart and values her opinion; Cassadine is used to strong women."

"Cassadine is insane. A meglomaniac who kidnaps women and has delusions about taking over the world."

"And you're the mob boss for the Northeast. Who has already almost gotten her, her mother and her brother all killed. You're going to have to offer more to Carly than he's nuts...or he's a criminal. With those as your only arguments why should she come back to YOU. Are you going to leave all this to get her back? Stavros is making her and Michael happy. Have you? Look Man. Whatever. I'm out of it. You want to talk to me I'll be at Jakes." Jason strides toward the door.

"Jase." Sonny calls out his name. Jason pauses and looks back over his shoulder. "How did she look?"

"She looked good."

"And Michael."

"Good." Jase steps out the door and closes it behind him.

Sonny goes over to the desk and picks up the phone number where Carly can be contacted. Reaching for the phone he looks at the number and then the keypad dialing it in... he waits for Carly to pick up.

Hi! You've reached the private line of Stavros Cassadine. We can't come to the phone right now. We're off to take the waters. Leave a message at the tone. Carly's cheerful voice is all he hears before he hangs up.


Jax runs the small plane low to the water in a searching grid. This might be a total waste of time... maybe Nikolas had moved the yacht himself. But somehow he didn't think so. He has no idea how long Alexis has been gone-- twelve hours, twenty? Kristina hadn't heard from Alexis after they'd confirmed their dinner date the day before. Something Alexis had done as she was going out the door on her way to the courthouse in the morning the day before. "Damn Corinthos. Damn Cassadines." Jax mutters. "What is the top speed on that yacht anyway? Long enough to get to the open water?" Open water would be a curse. At that point the yacht could be anywhere. Jax cuts down on his speed and eyes the Charles river below him. "Come on, Alexis. Where are you?"

Jason chalks up his cue and breaks the racked triangle of balls at the far end of the pool table. His eyes are cold and controlled but Jake winces at the sound. Morgan is ticked at someone and taking it out on her table. She walks over at swaps out Jason's empty beer for a fresh one. "Woman problems?"

Jason looks up her from where he is bent over the table. "She's not the problem. Everything around her is."

"Carly." Jake nods knowingly. "For that one you need a professional... and I'm just a bartender. Give me a nod if you want another beer."

"Right." Jason lets the cue fly with smooth precision knocking a ball into the corner pocket.

"Mr Morgan." There is a soft nondescript voice behind him. Jason turns around.


"May I speak with you."

"Don't say anything to me that I might have to kill you for, Benny." Jason bends back over the table.

"I know that there has been some improvement in recent days but I understand you didn't bring Mrs Corinthos back with you."

"I'm playing pool here. Either pick up a cue or take a walk."

"Is there any chance of you getting Mrs Corinthos back?" Benny asks as he picks up a cue. He'd bought a pool table for his kids and wasn't a total novice but it wasn't his game.

"Why? You know Carly turned Sonny into the feds. She wanted him to turn all of you in. Why do you want her back?"

Benny clears his throat and brushes a nervous hand over his balding head. "Well... Yes. There is that. And I hope you won't take this the wrong way, Mr Morgan, but I've found that things actually go smoother when she is around than when she's not. Not that she is involved in the business." Benny finishes in a rush. "And I would never involve her in the business... just that she's proven very... intuitive in the past regarding dangers... to you, to Mr Corinthos."

"You think she's some kind of lucky rabbit's foot." Jason cracks a grin at that one. "That's a first."

"Mr Corinthos doesn't..."

"Stop right there, Benny." The smile on his face fades as if it had never been there.

"Are you going to be sticking around?" Benny comes at it from a different angle.

"Yeah, so I wouldn't want to be in the guy's shoes who makes a run on Sonny." Jason says significantly. Jason calls and then sinks the eight ball after running down the last of the stripes. Benny hadn't even gotten a shot at the table afterall. Jason finally gives into Benny with a sigh " Look Benny, I'm sticking around. If I had been around Carly wouldn't have gone to the feds; she would have come to me. You and I both know that."

"She was concerned for the welfare of her family." Benny says calmly with a nod. "Women are like that. If the... problem had been addressed before it got to that point.... Mrs Corinthos doesn't like police; she never has. She wouldn't have gone to them unless the situation was extreme and too out of control... even for her." Benny says significantly. "Coming to me or Johnny or anyone who answered to Mr Corinthos wouldn't have changed anything."

Jason stares at Benny for a long time. Benny gets so nervous that he breaks out in a sweat and clears his throat. Finally Jason repeats again. "I'm going to be around."

"I'm glad to hear it." Benny lets out the breath he'd been holding and puts the cue back up on the holder on the wall. "I'll make sure that the others know."

"You do that. Oh and Benny... I wasn't kidding about people saying anything about Sonny that might get them killed."

"I didn't think you were." Benny nods and then departs.


Nikolas reaches over and takes Gia's hand. "I'm sorry my mother was short with you."

"What else is new?" Gia sighs and pushes back her hair with her other hand. "Your mother doesn't like me. She never has. But the checks don't bounce and I'll deal."

"Gia, my mother loves you."

Gia starts laughing but cuts it off when it reaches the hysterical edge. "Right. What convinced you? Our engagement party? Your mother is ... appropriate. What was she suppose to say? Hey I guess you'll do until they allow human cloning? Never mind. The only thing that is going to convince your mother is time. What did you guys decide to do?"

"Mother wants to talk to Bobbie. See what her take is on the whole situation before she goes to Luke."

"What did she think about Carly being there?" Gia slides the question in calmly not giving it any importance.

"Just surprised. I think we all were-- even the people who know her."

"Ha. Not likely. Bobbie and Jason didn't seem too surprised. It was more oh boy-- here we go again."

"And she's a friend of yours?"

Gia considers the question seriously. "Yeah. She is as far as it goes. As long as it wouldn't inconvenience her-- she'd help me out and not ask questions. Carly's a good person to have on your side."

"And she's on my father's."

Gia turns on the smooth rich leather of the jag's passenger seat so she is facing Nik. "They say a lot of things about Carly, Nikolas. Everyone has a lot to say. Especially the people who don't know her." Gia warns. "But the one thing you never hear is that she's stupid. Carly wanted you to see another side of your father. One you never got to see because he was killed when you were a baby. Have you ever thought how different things would have been?"

"All the time. When I was little before I came to Port Charles. What if if Luke Spencer hadn't killed my father-- the first time? What if my mother hadn't left him? What if there had been a happily ever after? But then I came to Port Charles... and I started to be grateful that my father died. And I loathe that my mother sees him every time she looks at me."

"My mother would be so proud." Gia mutters as she shakes her head.

"Excuse me?" Nik glances over at her with some bewilderment at the odd comment.

"European History. Columbia." Gia says wryly. "History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.... Napoleon Bonaparte. Now there was a guy your father could probably gotten behind... He was on top and he wasn't. He got both versions of history within his lifetime too. As the conqueror and as the conquered."

Laura brushes by Mrs Lansbury and strides into the living room of Wyndemere. A lesser woman than Mrs Lansbury would be siccing the dogs on the second uninvited, unannounced, and pushy guest of the morning. Mrs L gets by just grinding her teeth behind a forced smile. "Mrs Cassadine, Mrs Spencer is here to see you."

"Thank you, Mrs Lansbury." Bobbie says calmly. Oh the hits just keep coming. First the reality check provided by Lucas and now this. "Hello Laura."

"Mrs Cassadine?! Don't tell me you married Stefan again."

Bobbie sighs. "No. But I think Mrs Lansbury is giving her opinion. So good news spreads fast. Yes, Stavros is alive. Yes, Carly is with him and has been for the last three months. Yes, He is taking back the estate. He's already defanged Helena and he's messing with Stefan's head now by giving me Wyndemere and ignoring the fact that Stefan and I are divorced."

"It's impossible."

"It was impossible for him to come back the first time." Bobbie reminds knowing exactly where Laura is coming from. Her former sister in law would have no interest in Bobbie's marital status, or where Carly is. "The second time is just kinda anticlimatic and repititive. Can't these guys come up with something new?"

"Why didn't you tell Luke?"

"Because I didn't believe it at first and wanted to see it for myself." Bobbie shrugs. "And because my daughter is there. Where Luke and Carly are concerned... I'd just as soon there be some distance. In case you haven't noticed they don't get along."

"Carly and Luke know each other?"

Bobbie rolls her eyes. "Yes, Laura, my brother does know my daughter."

Laura looks at Bobbie consideringly. She really didn't like her former sister in law's tone. She decides to step carefully. "Bobbie... It isn't safe for Carly... she doesn't know what she is getting into... it would be in her best interests..."

Bobbie's eye brow goes up on that one. "You are telling me about my daughter's best interests?!" Bobbie snorts. "That's a riot." Bobbie holds up a hand in a stopping motion knowing that she'd said just the wrong thing and the next thing out of Laura's mouth would be a defense of her own actions at Deception. "Look. I don't like it. I told Carly I didn't like it. I have my own issues with the situation. But there is one thing you and I both know. Cassadine men treat their mistresses much better than they treat their wives.
Carly is fine and where she wants to be. If she hadn't been then Jason would have pulled her out of there. Carly had every opportunity to leave... with me, with Jason. She chose not to... because life is better there for her than it was here. And I have a real problem with that."

"Where is Stefan?" Laura can tell that she is not getting anywhere with Bobbie.

"Stefan went riding with Lucas. It was a rough morning and they both needed some fresh air."

"I want to talk to him."

"Goody for you. Why don't you just go out and look for him then. It's a small island. I'm sure it won't take long."

Laura reaches out and grabs Bobbie by the arm. "Why are you being such a... bitch."

Bobbie wrenches her arm away. "Because I know as soon as you figure it all out and work the angles... you won't give a rats ass that Carly is with Stavros. You will probably hope that it lasts a good long time... cause as long as Carly is with him, keeping him busy, he'll leave you alone. But hey if I'm wrong-- great. You just send my brother over there to pull Carly out. See what happens next."

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